Create IT-educаtion
ГО Розвиток IT освіти
Development of technological infrastructure
to create strong networking platform and
great job’s opportunities in Ukraine to stop
outflow students abroad.


Our goals - sustainable development of IT-education in Ukraine

Creating conditions
We are creating great conditions for practical education in Ukraine, an effective model of win-win collaboration between teachers, students and business, the introduction of an innovative model of universities development.
Communication with the International community
We are establishing communication with the International scientific community for the exchange of technologies and reducing the outflow of talented students abroad.
Combining of theory and practice
We are combining educational process for gaining practical experience that will have a positive impact on the country's economy and make our students more demanding as future employees.
IT specialist is one of the professions that is most demanding in Ukraine
respondents consider
the most promising medical professions
respondents consider
the most promising IT profession
respondents consider military professions to be the most promising

Our goals:

New IT ecosystem
Create a new IT ecosystem, including the innovative "FICT Hub", "Intelligent Robotodrome" and "Smart Park".

Develop educational opportunities for people with limited mobility through creation of inclusive laboratories and development of inclusive technologies and products.

Our Projects

HUB of the FICT, Igor Sikorsky Kyiv Polytechnic Institute

Free access for KPI’s students and other Universities / schools / educational Ukrainian and International institutions.

The implementation period is December 2021.

Implemented today:
• Development of a working project
• Dismantling works
• Installation of a construction for expansion of the room
• Installation of a heating system
• Installation of an air conditioning and ventilation
• Determining the cost of the project implementation
• Heating and installation system
• Equipment
• Lighting
• Ceiling installation
• Glass constructions, doors
• Floor
• Further filling of the space
Currently in Ukraine there is no single space for training and competitions of student teams in robotics, a place for designing robotic devices at the scientific level, with free access for people in wheelchairs and other low-mobility groups.

And we intend to change that!

We choose the world's best practices for the development of robotics, artificial intelligence and the Internet of Things (IoT) as a guide.

The development of science in Ukraine depends on young people and their interests. It is important to take into account the organization of inclusive education when planning spaces, because we are all equal in our ideas and must be equal in the possibilities of their implementation.

Free access for students of KPI and other universities / schools / educational institutions of Ukraine and the world.

The implementation period is the end of 2022.

Smart PARK

Project "Square near the building 18" of the FICT, Igor Sikorsky Kyiv Polytechnic Institute.

Free access for everyone. Approximate volume of visitors - from 5,000 to 10,000 people (weekdays / weekends).

The implementation period is September 2021.

This is 5,500 square meters of the square around the FICT buildings - the territory of KPI

• Development of a working project
• Square (equipment and decoration)
• Communications
• Mural 8 m x 40 m
• Patio (requires co-financing)
• Open lecture hall with projector and screen
• Student creativity zone
• Stage for performances and student events
Anatoliy Boyko
Co-founder of the NGO, entrepreneur.
Sergiy Martynchuk
Co-founder of the NGO, Head of Cisco in Ukraine, Belarus, Georgia, Armenia and Moldova.
Olexander Rolik
The Chairman of the Board of the NGO "Development of IT Education".
Eduard Zharikov
Member of the NGO "Development of IT-education".
Volodymir Korenko
Member of the NGO "Development of IT-education".
Lovochkina Oksana 
Project and Program Manager NGO / FICT KPI
Olena Khalus 
Our partners
The Association of Sustainable Development Experts is a community of sustainable development practitioners.
United Nations Population Fund in Ukraine.
CSR Development Center - promotes the principles of sustainable business.

Research & Branding Group is a company in the field of market research and public opinion.

Cisco is a world leader in information technology with more than 35 years of history.

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